International private detectives committed to saving you money since 1982

We live in a golden era of international business, where travel costs are relatively low, and we have access to a vast number of businesses and contacts worldwide. This environment offers many opportunities for making money and growing your business internationally.But if you run too fast in your venture you can find unpleasant surprises that will make your international venture very costly and ineffective.

You need to have the facts

It is not rare that target companies are involved in frauds. In fact, the average organization loses 5% of revenue to fraud each year, and the average case represents a fraud of £112k pounds It is also usual that prospective employees have criminal backgrounds that are not easily spotted with UK based information. To these problems, you need to add the differences in business management from country to country.

Databases for your piece of mind

When you conduct business abroad, or you make business with an international company, it is always recommended that you hire private detectives in the UK with access to international databases. In the age of big data, international private investigators play a very important role in ensuring that the risk you take is minimal.

At Wis International we have provided undercover investigations since 1982.

What makes us different to other private detectives is not only our breadth of knowledge and expertise in international markets and our multi-lingual staff, but also our exclusive access to high quality databases, which gives us the ability to produce very quick reports so that there is no downtime in your business process.

We specialise in private investigations in Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Angola. You can visit us at our offices in London and in Portugal.