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iphone spy

Because of a technical flaw, iPhone’s can be turned into monitoring devices; watching over you at all times, knowing where you are, where you have been, what you’re saying, who you are meeting and so on.

Human rights activist, Ahmed Mansoor, discovered the flaw when he received a malicious text message inviting him to click on a web link. Thinking the message looked suspicious he forwarded the message to a security expert.

The citizen lab, experts at the University of Toronto and experts from the security firm Lookout, found that if the link had been clicked on, it would have installed a very sophisticated spyware program. This program would take advantage of three flaws within apple’s software the company were not aware of.

Once infected, the iPhone would have become a digital spy inside his pocket, employing the camera and microphone to watch and record the activity within the phone’s vision, it would also record messages, calls, activity and movements. Citizen Lab released their report last week.

This phone flaw exposes you to the risk of malicious web links, like the one mentioned above. Once you click on one of these links, hackers can install the program onto your phone, spy on you and all your activities, messages, phone calls, emails, camera and microphone.

Apple has already deployed an update that fixes this flaw. All iPhone and iPad users should update their software to IOS 9.3.5 as soon as possible.

These infections are becoming a common problem with smartphones, thus protecting oneself against these threats is increasingly important. Users should consider having their equipment tested for threats and more by Orion Software & Services, You can get a free demonstration by contacting

It is important that Private Investigators are aware of this problem as they often work on contentious matters. The investigated party could benefit if they knew what the detective was up to, what evidence he has gathered, and the way an investigation is going.

The investigators should also make their clients aware of this smartphone bug, as in many cases the other side would dearly want to know what is going on with an investigation against them.

See how the bugging system works:

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