WIS International deals with numerous clienteles in the cases of business intelligence, risk, due-intelligence, corporate espionage, fraud, theft investigation as well asset tracing. With the help of our associates and agents we undertake complex cross-border investigations and conduct pre-sue investigations, breaches of contracts, and other such investigation.

We benefit our clients through central case management adhered according to budget to obtain the results. We conduct active competitive intelligence operation and render brand protection services. Corporates invest immensely on the staff. Therefore, it is important that the hired employ is genuine. Moreover, it is also important to monitor the behavior of the existing staff, as they can bully or harm the new employees.

WIS International is always ready to serve the clients from various sectors including banks, legal firms, financial services, travel, leisure, construction, automotive businesses, oil, insurance industries, etc. Therefore, to cater your needs make us your topmost reliable and trustworthy business intelligence investigation.

Our services to businesses include:

  • Competitive intelligence
  • Business intelligence
  • Credit reports
  • Asset tracing
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Brand protection
  • Security auditing
  • Employment screening
  • Internal theft & fraud in
  • vestigations