Are your staff stealing from you?

Employee theft costs an average of £1,114 per case to British companies, and it is the cause of some of the biggest losses experienced by companies.

Not only are goods stolen but time, customers, company information, customer lists, new project information and price lists are also stolen. In addition, expenses are falsified, to name a few.

Let’s look at the following scenarios:

  • Delivery drivers have regular customers to sell goods to that may have been stolen from your company premises or from your vehicles.
  • Office staff steal vital information before they leave your company to then go to work for your competitors.
  • Senior members of staff run their own business, sometimes in competition with you. They run these businesses from your premises, using your time, your computers, your stationary and sometimes your customers.
  • Business Partners run a similar business like yours from another location close by, they use your company’s resources, manufacturing the same items then selling them to your customers.
  • Traveling staff steal time. Being somewhere they are not supposed to be during working hours, and then fill out false expense claims for visits they have not made.

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